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Toyohashi Plant

By bringing together NITOMS's fundamental technologies and the Nitto Group's element technologies, we at NITOMS continue to develop unique and distinct products.

Our fundamental technologies consist of a combination of two different types of technologies. The first type is our advanced adhesion technologies, which range from material and base material designs to coating and processing methods.

The second is our forming and molding technologies for resin molding and film shaping as well as designing and mechanism design.

Quality Assurance

Our products are used for various purposes and in various everyday situations. With this in mind, we consider user safety to be our first priority and have therefore placed it at the core of our quality policy.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to serving as the company of choice for our customers can be seen in every element and process of our business. Our Practical Use Trial Room, for example, recreates actual user environments in its kitchen and living room sets. This is where our new products undergo repeated trials and assessments before being launched onto the market. In our Environmental Test Room, meanwhile, the resistance levels of prospective new products are also assessed under much tougher conditions than those mandated by industrial standards and regulatory requirements in order to ensure consumer safety.

In an effort to raise our quality, environmental, and occupational safety and health standards to an even higher level, we also implement an OHSAS 18001-based integrated management system that we established in February 2010.

We are a "market opener". Creating new markets is our role.

market opener

Our sales department serves as the interface between consumers and the NITOMS brand. Because of their close and frequent contact with customers, our sales representatives are in a unique position to best understand customer needs and lifestyles. We therefore encourage them to offer their own ideas and proposals to translate customer needs—including those that even customers themselves may be unaware of—into useful, marketable products.

Recognizing our role as an information center that both receives and disseminates related information, we make the most of our communication function. At the same time, we are striving to identify new customers, create opportunities to introduce them to NITOMS products, and ensure customer satisfaction and delight every time.

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