High Quality and Innovative Product Development Through the Combining of Technologies

Nitoms' technology is enhancing people's everyday lives. By combining technologies of adhesiveness, coating, processing, and porosity in items for everyday life, we at Nitoms are progressively developing products of high quality and performance.

Developing the environment and people-friendly Hot-Melt Adhesive Technology for multiusage

Many of Nitoms' products use hot-melt adhesive technology. By not using organic solvents in manufacturing processes, it creates the advantage of being more friendly to people and the environment. Also, combining this with our coating technology, which is uniquely easy to process, forms the basis for the development of a variety of products.

Various Coating Technologies that kickstart the development of innovative products

Through our various coating technologies, we have created innovative productes that previously couldn't have been imagined. We continue to create highly original products by combining the coating and processing technologies that best match a product's functions - for example, getting the most out of base materials by reforming adhesiveness and making sure methods match the materials.

Processing Technologies that epitomize ideas and production methods

In the processes used to make products that align with the needs of our customers, including complex processes such as folding and pasting together consistently on the one line, we are using technologies that embody our ideas and experience.

Porosity Technology that realizes highly precise permeability

By handling everything from the planning of raw materials to the formation of porosity film, we can tune permeability to suit customer's needs and bring about a highly precise permeability, and with this contribute to the stability of quality.


Nitoms' Technology Is Enhancing People's Everyday Lives

Nitoms, which performs the only development and manufacturing of consumer goods within Nitto Group, continues to develop products that make people's everyday lives more convenient and comfortable. We have around 2,000 varieties of goods, including the adhesive cleaner "COLOCOLO". Here we'll introduce some of our products that bring new value to all sorts of everyday settings, including homes, medical workplaces, jobs, hobbies, and the world of sports.

[COLOCOLO Multi-Floor Cleaner Adjustable Type] - Double adhesive technology that coats on super glue and regular glue

The super convenient "COLOCOLO Multi-Floor Cleaner Adjustable Type" allows you to clean the floor, tatami, and even carpet with just one product. What makes this all-in-one adhesive ability possible is the special coating technology of "Double Adhesion" that's compatible with both strong and weak adhesive power. It properly picks up garbage wedged in place without sticking to smooth surfaces.

For more details on "COLOCOLO Multi-Floor Cleaner Adjustable Type"

[COLOCOLO Fingerprint Cleaner] - adhesive technology that adsorbs sebum dirt

We're regularly annoyed by the fingerprint marks that appear on the smartphones and tablets that we always walk around with. In order to remove these marks, Nitoms came up with an original adhesive that adsorbs sebum. "COLOCOLO Fingerprint Cleaner", which makes use of this adhesive, adsorbs the sebum from tablets, and also because the adhesive power recovers over time, it can be reused repeatedly for around 2,000 times.

For more details on "COLOCOLO Fingerprint Cleaner"

[KINELOGY -EX] - skin-friendly adhesive technology that can also be reapplied

Nitoms' kinesiology tape that supports atheletes' muscles, "KINELOGY -EX", embodies durable adhesion and skin-friendliness through an original gel adhesive that's friendlier to the outer layer of skin and strengthens permeability through its wave texturing. It reapplies easily, so you can adjust it properly to utilize the best position and amount of tension.

For more details on "KINELOGY -EX"

[Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for Wallpaper That Can Be Peeled Off with Water] - adhesive technology that can be removed with water

Born from the need to not leave marks from thumbtacks and glue after peeling away posters and calenders, this technology shrinks the adhesive surface area by making it swell into a jelly-like form when water is applied. Having observed this phenomenon, Nitoms developed Japan's first double-sided tape that can be peeled off with water.

For more details on "Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for Wallpaper That Can Be Peeled Off with Water"

[BREATHRON] - porosity technology that lets through air but not water

Stick-on hand warmers are a standard item in winter. Though you may not know that even within these small winter items Nitoms' technology is at work. How does it stay warm without getting too hot? It's because Nitoms' porosity film "BREATHRON" has the power to keep the speed of the chemical reaction of the iron powder inside the hand warmer at a fixed rate.
* This is not used in all stick-on hand warmers.

For more details on "BREATHRON"

Nitoms' Technology Is Also Used in These Products

Disposable Heat Pad
The adhesive sheets of stick-on disposable heat pads (that can be used without rubbing them) use "NITOTAC", which can be attached and unattached without making marks on clothing.
"NITOFOLD", which can be stretched, is used for the tape that gets wrapped around underwear-style diapers when they're disposed of.
"NITOTHROUGH", an adhesive tape with permeability, is used for sealing and degassing in refrigerator production lines after heat insulators such as urethane foaming agent are ordered.

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