Weather-Strip Tape for Doors

Filling a Gap of Doors & Sliding DoorsWeather-Strip Tape for Doors

Block underdoor drafts

This sealing tape blocks the underdoor drafts that make floors cold. They are flexible and highly resistant to scratching, and block the flow of hot and cold air.

Basic information

Weather-Strip Tape for Doors, Transparent Weather-Strip Tape for Doors, Brown
Product No.E0401E0402
Price (without Tax)Open PriceOpen Price
Size1 mm × 40 mm × 92 cm1 mm × 40 mm × 92 cm
Quantity per Package1 roll1 roll
JAN Code49041402340104904140234027
Materialacrilic elastomer
acrylic adhesive
acrilic elastomer
acrylic adhesive

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