YU-KI BAN Non-Woven Clothe

TapeYU-KI BAN Non-Woven Clothe

Can be used on delicate skin and with infants
Surgical tape

This product is made with acrylic gel adhesive, recognized for use in the medical field, that prevents stratum corneum peeling, one of the causes of skin irritation. It can be easily cut by hand, and it's also re-attachable, making it exceptionally easy to use. This product is made with nonwoven fabric that offers excellent air permeability.

Basic information

YU-KI BAN Non-Woven Cloth (White) 12mm × 4.5mYU-KI BAN Non-Woven Cloth (White) 25mm × 4.5m
Part No.N1330N1340
Price (without Tax)Open PriceOpen Price
SizeWidth 12 mm × Length 4.5 mWidth 25 mm × Length 4.5 m
Quantity per Package1 roll1 roll
JAN Code49041405033074904140503406
MaterialBase material: Polyester, pulp
Adhesive: acrylic
Base material: Polyester, pulp
Adhesive: acrylic
RemarkWith CaseWith Case

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