Window Glass Insulation Sheet

Window Glass Insulation Sheet

Heat Insulating by Attaching to the Window GlassWindow Glass Insulation Sheet

Prevents condensation and improves heat retention

Creates a layer between window glass and the air inside a room, helping prevent heat transfer. Simply applying it to your windows improves your room's heating efficiency. The lineup consists of three types -- regular, long, and wide -- to fit the size of your windows. They are applied using water, so they stick firmly but come off cleanly.

Basic information

Window Glass Insulation Sheet, 2mmWindow Glass Insulation Sheet, 2mm, LongWindow Glass Insulation Sheet, 2mm, WideWindow Glass Insulation Sheet, 2 Rolls of 2mm
Product No.E1540E1550E1560E1541
Price (without Tax)Open PriceOpen PriceOpen PriceOpen Price
Sizeapproximately 2 mm × 90 cm × 1.8 mapproximately 2 mm × 90 cm × 2.3 mapproximately 2 mm × 130 cm × 1.8 mapproximately 2 mm × 90 cm × 1.8 m
Quantity per Package1 sheet1 sheet1 sheet2 sheets
JAN Code4904140245405490414024550449041402456034904140245412
Materialspecial polyethylenespecial polyethylenespecial polyethylenespecial polyethylene

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