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Environmental PolicyApril 1st, 2017

Unified Management System Policy

With the business ideology of "creating comfortable, convenient, and original products that contribute to people's everyday lives", Nitoms Inc. is working to allow everyone to use their products with peace of mind.
The social responsibility of ensuring the irreplaceable Earth we live on is not destroyed but is passed onto the next generations is an extremely important issue. In order to actively fulfill this responsibility, we have built a "Unified Management System" that brings together the three management systems of "Occupational Safety and Health", "Quality", and "Environment", and are carrying out initiatives with the below policies.

Build and maintain a "Unified Management System" in relation to "Occupational Safety and Health", "Quality", and "Environment" that conforms to OHSAS18001, ISO9001, and ISO14001.
Accurately grasp the risks of "Occupational Safety and Health", "Quality", and "Environment" in relation to business activities, products, and services, in order to build good work environments, maintain and improve quality, and promote activities for improving the environment.
Along with observing all laws, regulations, and the requirements accepted by offices that are related to "Occupational Safety and Health", "Quality", and "Environment" in relation to business activities, products, and services, establish self-standards as needed and take action.
In order to lower the risks involved in the "Unified Management System", the below policies will be especially promoted with emphasis.
  1. Aim for zero accidents and disasters to reduce the risks to occupational safety and health in business activities.
  2. Through business activities, work to raise awareness of work safety and maintain and improve both mental and physical health for each individual.
  3. Make extra sure of product quality control so that customers can lay their trust in us, and work to eradicate defects in quality.
  4. Enforce reliable design reviews using the decided procedures to develop products that will satisfy customers.
  5. In order to help prevent global warming and protect natural resources, promote cuts in electrical energy usage.
  6. Work to prevent environmental pollution, use resources effectively, and promote the reduction of waste and recycling in production work.
Extract risks in order to achieve this unified policy, and set goals within the scope of both technical and economic possibilities. Also, review these in a timely manner to promote the "Unified Management System" in all departments within the offices.
Through internal audits and management reviews, continuously improve the "Unified Management System".
These policies will be reliably carried out and continuously maintained, and in addition to being thoroughly disseminated among all employees of the offices, will be widely announced to the general public.

External Certificates

Obtained ISO14001
Obtained ISO9001
Obtained OHSAS18001

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